About Fresh Furniture NY

Who We Are

We opened Fresh Furniture NY out of our passion for Industrial Style and Mid-Century Modern furniture. Plus in our travels, we encounter a lot of Cool Stuff  that we just can’t resist bringing back.

The problem arose that we had all this great furniture and Cool Stuff  but had no where to show it, let alone store it. The answer became Fresh Furniture NY.

Opening the store has created an outlet to share our great finds. Of course it also is allowing us to go out and find more interesting and Cool Stuff. 


But we are not stopping there. Having been designing commercial and residential interiors for over 35 years, we have run across a lot of cool finishes. Imagine real stone that is so thin it can be applied like flexible veneer or real metal that you spray on like paint. Looking for something different? We hopefully will have a source.

So what can you expect

Industrial, casual, rustic or vintage……… Regardless of your style, we are sourcing the globe to offer our eclectic collection of unique and one-of-a-kind pieces. Please stop by and see if you will be inspired.


What is your returns policy?



Because of our strict “no return” policy, we encourage you to take measurements of your area, take pictures, or bring in samples from other items already in your home before you make your purchase to ensure your new piece has a happy home. We will be more than willing to help should you have any questions.


What payment types do you accept?

We accept VISA and MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash or debit.


What are your delivery options?

We do not deliver but can make arrangements with local delivery firms. Please ask for a quote.


Do you ship out of the area?

As with local delivery, we can make arrangements to ship anywhere you would like. We will contact an appropriate  service and provide you with a contact. The appropriate packing and crating will be additional and should be contracted with your shipping choice.